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Private Mortgage

Experienced Private Mortgage Lawyer  

Get the financing your project deserves with private mortgages. Our team helps real estate developers, entrepreneurs, and lenders borrow and invest responsibly.

With the increased interest in private mortgages, you need experienced private mortgage lawyers on your side to ensure that your agreement protects your rights. We will help you safeguard your interests without losing out on the flexibility afforded by private mortgages.


You Need Experienced Private Mortgage Lawyers

Mortgage law and mortgage contracts can be dense and complicated. Navigating through one on your own leaves you vulnerable to unintended use of funds and unintended oversights that create legal issues down the line.

Whether you are the borrower or a private mortgage lender, you will work with a team that:

  • Advises on and assists with private mortgages
  • Drafts mortgage agreements
  • Helps you assess risks and potential liabilities
  • Put in place safeguards to protect your interests
  • Establish clear dispute resolution mechanisms
  • And much more

You will work with experienced commercial real estate lawyers who can bring formidable advocacy to bear at negotiations, mediation, arbitration, before tribunals and Ontario courts.

Real Estate

Pillars of the Community

Our team at Rose, Persiko, Rakowsky, Melvin LLP has a nearly 50-year history of not only delivering the best possible results for clients but also being responsible members of the community. We have been associated with organizations such as the:

  • Mount Sinai Hospital
  • Reena Foundation
  • Public Accounting Licensing Review Committee
  • Baycrest Foundation

Our members have been called on to provide expert opinion in matters involving estate transactions. 


Partner With a Leading Municipal and Planning Law Firm

Don’t leave yourself exposed to potential legal issues in a private mortgage agreement. Work with top real estate lawyers and get peace of mind that your agreement is being carefully constructed to protect you.

With Rose, Persiko, Rakowsky, Melvin LLP, you will benefit from the knowledge of a team that represents private lenders and commercial borrowers.


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