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Saying someone is a ‘corporate lawyer in Toronto’ associates that person with a number of cliches – briefcase, formal attire, glossy metal buildings downtown. But as to what a corporate law firm in Toronto can actually do for your business, that comes less readily to mind. 

In order to do away with any opacity or confusion, let’s now dive into what a corporate law firm in Toronto can actually do to help your business. 

That way, you can better determine if you are in need of a Toronto corporate lawyer’s help. 

Understanding the Corporate Lawyer Toronto

First, it’s important to understand that each year, we’re seeing steady (if unspectacular) growth in the number of corporate law firms in Canada. This growth speaks to the high demand for corporate lawyers in Toronto and across the country. 

But how can your corporate lawyer generate positive ROI for your business? 

Not by going to court and arguing in front of a judge or arbitrator – that’s typically reserved for lawyers who specialize in litigation. It doesn’t mean that your corporate law firm in Toronto can’t do both, but it is atypical. 

Instead, you should view your corporate lawyer as a legal resource that can be drawn upon to help answer any relevant legal questions that may crop up. 

The legal work can rechecking paperwork during a deal closing to ensure that the contract is clear, as legally favourable as possible, and that there are no oversights or errors that could come back and haunt your corporation, to drafting the original agreements, to performing due diligence checks, in addition to performing other legal activities. 

Essentially, you can consider them your direct legal advisor that can counsel you on how your business interacts with the law – including rights, responsibilities, and other legal needs. 

It’s worth remembering that your Toronto corporate law firm works for corporate entity itself – not the executives, shareholders, etc., but instead works to keep the corporation itself in legal alignment while protecting its interests during contract negotiations and other potentially adversarial situations. 

Specific Services of a Toronto Corporate Lawyer

We now have a broad outline of what a Toronto corporate lawyer seeks to do – the next topic worth delving into is the precise legal activities that your business lawyer can perform on your behalf. 

These include: 

  • General corporate compliance and counsel
  • Corporate structuring advice and documentation
  • Shareholder agreements
  • Acquisitions and sales of businesses
  • Asset financing and securitization
  • Implementation of tax driven transactions
  • Franchise law
  • Dispute resolution
  • General closing preparation
  • Due diligence

This is not an exhaustive list, but it does outline the most common legal activities that your corporate lawyer can supply. 

Ultimately, a Toronto corporate lawyer is there by your side with the intent to ensure that your corporation is 100% at all times in compliance with all applicable laws. 

Further to that, a strong Toronto corporate law firm will outfit your business with a team of legal experts that are not only full of legal business knowledge, but also are able to forcefully protect your interests during a contract drafting, negotiation, and signing. 

These legal protections can be highly important as an oversight could lead to the voiding of an agreement or a potential lawsuit, both of which can be financially onerous for your business.

With proactive help from a top corporate lawyer in Toronto during the drafting and negotiation processes, however, you can preempt these potentially financially punishing outcomes. 

In other words, if ROI is your main indicator of a strong investment, a corporate lawyer’s yield is that, by hiring the right one, you can avoid a great deal of costs and time loss due to a legal dispute by heading these issues off before they have a chance to fully materialize. 

What’s more, when you do find the right legal counsel, they’ll be able to represent your corporation in the event of a legal dispute in an attempt to avoid a court battle, which will, again, save your business hundreds of hours of time and potentially millions of dollars. 

RPRM Law – A Leading Corporate Law Firm Toronto

If you’re looking to work for one of the leading corporate law firms in Toronto who can ensure that your corporate entity is in accordance with all relevant legal mandates in addition to providing sound legal advice in the event of a dispute, then you’re looking for RPRM Law. 

RPRM Law is a team of leading Toronto corporate lawyers that have years of experience fulfilling a variety of roles for corporations of all industries and sizes. 

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