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Wills and Estate Planning Lawyer Toronto

Without an estate plan in place, in the event of death or incapacity there exists the potential for legal disputes and other unneeded difficulties during an already difficult time. Your Rose, Perisko, Rakowsky, Melvin LLP estate planning lawyer in Toronto will ensure that you or your loved ones’ personal and business assets are protected and accounted for should a death or incapacitating injury occur. 

We take a unique approach to estate planning in Toronto in that we conduct a comprehensive assessment of your needs before building your plan. That way, we can ensure that your estate planning is tailored to your specific situation and leaves nothing to chance. Your estate planning lawyer applies meticulous attention to detail when drafting your legal documents, so that you can rest easy knowing that they are free from inaccuracies, ambiguities, and omissions. 

Your real estate planning lawyer will work closely and collaboratively with you, identifying all your business and personal assets and building an estate plan that directly reflects your will and intentions. Additionally, we’ll be able to advise our clients on the most effective ways to arrange their personal finances and assets in the estate plan. 

We provide services for clients in Toronto, North York, the GTA, and across Ontario. 

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In the event of a death or incapacitating injury to you or your loved one, it is imperative that your estate planning avoids pitfalls and ambiguity that causes confusion, consternation, and the potential for conflict. 

With a thorough and detailed estate plan in place, you can proactively address many of these potential issues, so that in the event of sudden injury or death, you or your loved one’s personal and business assets will be distributed as intended. 

In order to guarantee that your estate is well provided for, you will need to leverage support from experienced lawyers you can trust. Our estate planning firm has years of experience drafting and executing estate plans that perfectly match our clients’ expectations and intentions. 

Rose, Persiko, Rakowsky, Melvin LLP is the trusted partner for business leaders, ensuring that no matter what happens, their estate is cared for and their asset distribution will be executed as intended.

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