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Committee of Adjustment Applications

Work with a Top Committee of Adjustment Applications Lawyer

There are few things more frustrating when working on a land deal than fighting through the seemingly endless amount of bureaucracy and paperwork. 

Each delay costs you time, money, and can be headache-inducing. The Committee of Adjustment can be a source of such headaches – unless you’re working with a top Committee of Adjustment application lawyer.


What Is a Committee of Adjustment Application Lawyer?

 The Committee of Adjustment is a municipal body that intakes minor variance applications for provisions in municipal zoning by-laws. They also intake applications for consent to sever land.

Our real estate lawyers have nearly 50 years working with land developers and municipalities, ensuring that these application processes go fast, smoothly, and are free from delays.

Our expert team of Committee Adjustment application lawyers will help you craft and present your proposals, combing through them, so no legal missteps get in the way of the process.

This ensures you can start implementing your desired changes faster, meaning one fewer legal hurdle to overcome.

Committee of Adjustment Application Lawyer

Benefit From Continued Support 

If the municipality approves of your proposal, there still may be ornery community members who will challenge your proposed changes. Should you face a local tribunal, we’ll be there every step of the way, preparing your case and presenting it as strongly as possible to ensure you get the results you want.

Our legal team will seek out settlement opportunities and other efficient and expedient ways to avoid any delays.

Respected Members of the Community 

Our team at Rose, Persiko, Rakowsky, Melvin LLP has a 40-year track record of delivering business-relevant advice and representation. You will work with professionals associated with organizations such as:

  • Public Accounting Licensing Review Committee
  • Reena Foundation
  • Baycrest Foundation
  • Mount Sinai Hospital

Our members have been called on as experts to offer opinion in cases involving real estate transactions. 

Top-Tier Committee of Adjustment Application Lawyer 

Don’t waste precious time and resources fighting through another legal hurdle with the Committee of Adjustment. Get in touch today and let our real estate lawyers make the process fast and simple. 

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