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Commercial Leases



Experienced Commercial Leases Lawyers

Commercial leases are some of the largest, most important transactions you will enter into for your business, which is why there’s no room for mistakes. Whether you are a property developer, lender, landlord, or tenant, our commercial leases lawyers will help protect your interests and enter into tenancies confidently.

Leverage practical advice from real estate lawyers with nearly 50 years of experience guiding businesses such as yours. Get in touch with us today and discuss your business’s needs today.



Comprehensive Knowledge and Insight Into Commercial Leases

Review leases, understand your obligations, and protect your interests in the long term with our commercial lease lawyers. We prepare and review everything from single-location commercial leases to large-footprint commercial lease agreements. 

Our team assists clients with:

  • Lease negotiations
  • Lease-related searches
  • Structuring transactions
  • Tenant rights
  • Lease packages
  • City permits
  • And much more

Instead of confusing you with Ontario’s complex commercial tenancy laws and policies, we help you look find business-relevant solutions. You will work with a business-focused team that shares your entrepreneurial spirit and is committed to delivering win-win results.

Commercial Leases Lawyers

Real Estate


Trusted Commercial Leases Lawyers

Receive practical, actionable insight from an integrated team of real estate lawyers who advise on matters real estate, commercial, regulatory, and tax. We work with:

  • Entrepreneurial land developers
  • Private commercial land owners
  • Institutional and private corporate lenders
  • Commercial landlords

Our clients depend on us to get commercial leases completed efficiently and effectively.

Pillars of the Community

At Rose, Persiko, Rakowsky, Melvin LLP, we don’t just bring a near 50-year history of delivering business-relevant strategies and results, we are responsible, respected members of the community. Our lawyers have been associated with organizations such as:

  • Baycrest Foundation
  • Public Accounting Licensing Review Committee
  • Reena Foundation
  • LMount Sinai Hospital

Our members have been called on as experts to offer opinion in matters involving real estate transactions.

Ensure Uneventful, Predictable Commercial Tenancies


Whether you are a landlord or tenant, the commercial lease will be one of the largest items on your balance sheet. When the stakes are this high, you need to work with experienced real estate lawyers.

Understand your rights and liabilities, mitigate risks, and take next steps confidently with a knowledgeable team. At Rose, Persiko, Rakowsky, Melvin LLP, we empower you with business-relevant solutions and help manage your business responsibly.

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